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Henry L Richter Alphabetical list of paintings

Paintings Alphabetical List




Description Signature
1919 Watercolor A Watercolor 11.5"x15" ($130) LL
A Still Life of a Vase of Flowers A Oil/canvas LR
A Winter Landscape A Watercolor 12.25"x16.5" ($122) LL
African Moor Oil/canvas LL
Alec McDougal WSCU Oil/board LL
Alpine Shepherd Exhibited  at SF World Fair 1928 LR
Arizona Desert E LR
Arizona Desert 2 JM 12"x11" LL
Asters LL
Autumn Glory J Oil/canvas LL
Autumn in the Arroyo Seco A Oil/canvas 16"x20" LR
Bakersfield Flowers Oil, "Spring in Kern County" LR
Boats and a Dock Gunn Watercolor LR
Boat At Lake Watercolor LR
Boat in Sand ER Gunn Watercolor 17"x12", Lake Irwin LL
Boats at Sunset LB Oil/board 16"x20" LR
Cabin in Winter at Monarch Pass ER Gunn Watercolor 12"x9" LR
Cabins In Winter CH LL
10 California Coast EH Watercolor 14"x18" ($1650) LL
California Coast 2 EH Oil/canvas 15"x19" ($2200) LL

California Color E Watercolor LL
California Farm LL
California Gully E Watercolor LR
California Hillside1 Watercolor LR
California Hillside2 LL
California Landscape E Watercolor LL
California Scene Oil LL
California Spring A Watercolor LL
20 California Wild Flowers A 24"x30" LR
Carmelita HM Oil/canvas 16"x20" LR
Castle on Lake A Watercolor 9"x13" (eBay) LL
Chrysanthemums A Oil/board
Coastal A Oil/canvas 24"x30" LL
Coastal Village in Spain Oil LL
Coast at Carmel EH Oil/board 12"x16" ($1650) LL
Coast at San Pedro EH Oil/canvas 24"x30" ($5500) LR
Coastline Pine Watercolor LR
Colorado Mountain Lake E Watercolor
Colorful Pond Gunn LL
Colorado Waterfall M WSCU, 15"x12" LL
Country Barn CH Watercolor LR
Courtyard in Seville A Watercolor 11"x8" LR
Cows In Sunset ER Gunn Oil/canvas 13"x10" LL
Cross Country Skiers CH Watercolor LL
Crunchy Snow E Oil/canvas LR
30  Desert Flowers E Oil LR
Desert below Mountain E Oil/canvas LL
Desert in Bloom A Oil/canvas 20"x24" LL
Desert Landscape EH Oil/board 16"x19" ($2200) LL
Desert Near Palm Springs Oil


Desert Sunset JJ Oil.board LL
Desert Valley Oil LR
Desert Verbena H Oil 19"x24" LL

Desert View1 CH Oil LL

Desert View2 A Oil LL
Edge of the Desert A Oil 24"x30" LL
Edge of the Desert 1 A Oil/canvas 24"x30" LL
Edge of the Desert 2 A Oil/canvas 24"x30" LL
40 Edge of the Desert 3 LL
Elsa 7 E Oil about 1940 LR
Elsa 12 E Oil/canvas about 1945 LL
Elsa 26 E Oil/canvas about 1960 LR
Encroaching Shadows JJ Oil/canvas LL
Estes Park 1938 N Oil/canvas 36"x30" LR
Estes Park In The Fall WSCU Oil/canvas 24"x20" LL
Estes Park Late Fall WSCU Oil/canvas 20"x24" LL
Eucalyptus Grove 2 Watercolor LR
Eucalyptus Grove 3 Oil/canvas LL
Eucalyptus Pond1 Oil
Eucalyptus Pond2 A Watercolor LL
Farm House E Watercolor
50  First Snow Rolling Hills E Watercolor LR
Fisherman in Boat E Watercolor
Fishermen of the Adriatic A Oil/canvas 30"x24" LR
Floral A Oil
Floral 2 ER Gunn Watercolor 10.5"x8" LR
Flower Fields E Watercolor
Flower Seller E Watercolor, in Venice, Italy about 1914 UL
Flowers in Vase EH Watercolor 13"x20" ($550) UR
Forest J Oil/canvas LL

Forest Fantasy D Watercolor 17.5"x 20.5" LL
Forest Fire CH

Oil/canvas painted around 1910

Forest Path A Oil/canvas 24"x18" c. 1910, sold at auction 2009 LR
60 Fountain A Watercolor 16"x20" sold at auction June 2010 $375.00 LR
Fruit Basket LL
Fruit Seller A Watercolor LR
Gail 4 G Oil/canvas   LR
Garden of the Gods A Oil/canvas  63.5"x76.2"
Gibraltar Fishermen Oil 1931 LL
Going to Market Watercolor 18.5"x15" LL
Glacier In Alps WSCU Watercolor 22"x19" family donation LL
Glow in the Dolomites Oil LR
Golden Leaves E LL
Golden Pond E LR
Grand Mesa ER Gunn Watercolor 9.25"x6.5"

Gunnison River E Watercolor 
70  Gypsy LR
Gypsy Girl AH Watercolor LR

Gypsy Man

Oil/canvas, painted about 1913


Harbor in Spain E Watercolor  LL
Harbor of Malaga, Spain Oil 28"x33" about 1928 LL
Henry Jr. H Oil/canvas 27"x22"
Hibiscus H Oil/canvas 27"x36" LR
High Mountain Snow Gunn LL
High Mountain Stream WSCU Watercolor 19.5"x24" LL
High Sierra EH Oil/canvas 20"x24" ($2700) LL
Hillside HS Watercolor LR
Hillside Distant Mountains A Oil/canvas 19"x24" LL
Hillside Distant Mountain 2 DB Watercolor LL
80 Homeward Bound A Oil LL

Horses Pulling Sled G&A Oil/canvas 24"x30" LL
Idyllwild E Oil/canvas
Italian Lake CH
Italian Teen RJC LL
Jackson Lake and Mt. Moran RJ Oil/canvas, in Grand Teton Nat'l Park, Wyoming LR
Jagged Mountain G Watercolor 10 1/4"x15" ($150) LL
Jagged Shore E Oil/canvas LR
Jesus A
Laguna Canyon A Watercolor approx. 12"x12" ($350) LL
Lake Below a Mountain J Oil/canvas LL
Lake In Italy E Oil/canvas LL
Lake Irwin Ef Watercolor LL
Landscape A Watercolor 9.75"x8" LL
Landscape 2 JM 12"x11" LR
Late Afternoon N Oil/canvas 31"x27" LL
Late Afternoon Winter A Oil/canvas 
Late Afternoon in Winter ER Gunn Watercolor LR
Lincoln WSC LL

Lincoln's Bodyguard Ferdinand Schavers WSC Watercolor LR
Log Cabin Nestled in the Hills EH Oil/canvas 25"x 19" ($1650, called Mountain Cabin) LL
Lone Tree Distant Mountain Ef
Malaga Dock LL
Malaga Harbor E LR
Mammoth Rock Gunn LR
Man in Overalls Sl Oil/canvas UR
Man Reading Gunn UL
Man with Banjo A Watercolor 8"x10.25" LR
Man with Book LL
Man with Guitar LR
Man with Mustache Gunn LL
Maria A LL
Maroon Bells Aspen Ef Watercolor
Marsh at Sunrise A LR
Meadow Gunn Watercolor LL
Mexican Girl E LL
Mexican Man Gunn LR
110 Mexican Youth Pedrito ER Gunn Watercolor LL
Monterey Cypress Near Santa Barbara 1924 ER Gunn Watercolor LL
Monterey Cypress2 LR
Moroccan Dancer LL
Mountain between Trees Ef Watercolor LL
Mountain Cabin Gunn LL
Mountain Cabin 2 JJ Watercolor 28"x25" LL
Mountain Clearing A
Mountain Forest Ef Watercolor
Mountain Meadow Ef Watercolor
Mountain Meadow in Spring Watercolor LL
120 Mountain Pastel Ef Watercolor
Mountain Pond Watercolor LR
Mountain Stream A LR
Mountain Stream in Autumn A Oil LR
Mountain Sunset J Watercolor 15"x14" LR
Mountain Valley Ef Watercolor
Mt. Adams, Oregon 1920 ER Gunn Watercolor LR
Mt San Antonio A Oil/canvas 28x32 in LL
Near Aspen
Ocean Sunset Watercolor LL
Old Bearded Man with Hat Sl Oil/canvas
Old Fisherman A LL
Old Man with Hat Watercolor LL
Old Man with Pipe LL
Old Man with Pipe 2 Watercolor LR
Old Man with Pipe 3 Oil/canvas
On A Spanish Highway A Oil LL
Orange Co Park Ef Watercolor
130 Orange Seller LR
Palm Canyon 1920s ER Gunn Watercolor
Palms in the Desert JM 18"x15" LR
Palos Verdes Hills LL
Pastel Portrait E Oil/canvas UR
Peaceful Shore ER Gunn Watercolor LL
Poppy Field A Oil 20x24 LR
Portrait of a Man Oil/canvas LL
Retreating Snows A Oil/canvas 18.24"x14.25" LL
Return From Dortdrecht Oil LL
Returning Home A O/C, 19" x 25" LL
River in Winter LL
Road in Winter Oil/canvas LL
Road in Winter 2 Oil/Canvas LL
Rocks Blooming Foothill A LL
Rocky Craig Ef Watercolor 
140 Rocky Hillside Ef Watercolor 
Rocky Valley in Mountains Watercolor LL
Rose and Pansy ER Gunn Watercolor LR
Roses UL
Roses in Blue Vase HB Oil/canvas LR
Rushing River JM 12"x11" LL
Rut in Road E Oil/canvas  LR
Sailboats on the Ocean Watercolor LR
Sandy Riverbank Ef Watercolor LL
Sandy Wash LR
San Fernando Valley CA A Oil/canvas 16"x20" LL
Sardine Seller Malaga S LR
Seascape A Oil/canvas 20" x 24" ($3500) LL
Seascape 2 A LR
150 Sicilian Boy A Oil/canvas 19 3/4 x 15 3/4 LR
Skier Watercolor LL
Skiers WSCU Watercolor LR
Snow Mass Peak Colorado A Oil/canvas 23.75''H x 30.25''W LL
Snowy Creek Gunn LL
Snowy Peaks WSC Watercolor 19"x14" family donation
Snowy Sunset E LR
Southern California Coast A Watercolor 18"x14" LR
Spanish Lady 1 & 2 E & D LL
Spanish Villa E Oil/canvas  LL
Spring in the Desert G Watercolor 20"x14 1/2" LR
Springtime PS Watercolor 14 3/4"x12 3/4" LL
Springtime Girl LL
Still Life Flowers and Pottery A - NG Oil/canvas 24"x30" LR
160 Stormy Plain EH Oil/board 14"x18" ($2200 called Coming Storm 1944)
Stream and Trees N Watercolor 29"x25" LL
Stream in Winter JM Oil 33"x28"
Stream through Trees J LL
Street in LA E Watercolor LR
Street in Spain E LR
Summer Meadow Watercolor LR
Sunset 1 EH Oil/canvas 20"x24" ($3300)
Sunset 2 S LR
Sunset Monterey A LR
Sunset Farm A LL
Sunset On A Farm JJ Watercolor LR
Swiss Cow Herder RJ Oil/canvas LL
Swiss Mountain Guide RJ LL
Tahquiz Canyon, Palm Springs CA A Watercolor 11"x13.75" LR
Tall Eucalyptus LL
Teufel Turm, Germany G Watercolor LR
The Fruit Vendor A Oil/canvas 24"x20" LR
Thunder Head Desert
Tomichi River LL
Tree at the Shoreline H Watercolor LR
Tree at the Shoreline 2 JM 15"x13" LL
Trees in Monterey BH Watercolor LR
Trees on Hillside Gunn Watercolor LL
Trees on Hillside 2 WSC Watercolor
Trees Mountain E Oil/canvas LR
Trees Mountain 2 LH Oil/canvas LL
Tyrolean Alps LL
Venice Canal LR

Venice Canal Bridge LL
Venetian Boats A LL
Washday Como de Lago E LR
Waterfall and Mill Ef LR
Western State College Gunn Oil/canvas LL
White Haired Man Watercolor LL
Winter Landscape A Oil/canvas 24 x 30 in LR
Winter Landscape 2 A Watercolor 12.25"x16.5" LL
Winter Mantle RJ LL
Winter Mantle 2 RJ Watercolor LL
190  Wooded Rushing Stream
Yellow Flowers Gunn LR
Yosemite's El Capitan Watercolor LL
Yuccas in Arizona 1920 G Watercolor 10" x 7" sold at auction $130 None
Zinnias G Oil/canvas 20"x24" ($2090) LR
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Photo's wanted Source


Details Medium Signature
A Still Life of a Vase of Flowers A - 2009 Bonhams & Butterfields 20"x24" Oil/canvas LL
Alpine Landscape A 23 5/8x29 5/8 Oil/masonite
Approaching Storm
Autumn Arroyo Seco A 16x20 in Oil/canvas
Autumn landscape A 27.9x35.6 Oil/canvas
Autumn Symphony A 25.4x30.5 Oil/canvas/board
Boy and girl, donkey, courting scene  A 22 1/4 x 27 in Oil/canvas/board
Coachella Valley A 40.6x50.8 Oil/canvas
Desert in Bloom A - 2009 Bonhams & Butterfields 20"x24" Oil/canvas LL
Eucalyptus Coastal  A 61.5x76.2 1933 Oil/canvas
Eucalyptus Landscape A 15.2x20.3 Oil/board
Field of California Poppies A 7 x 10 in Watercolor
Forest Interior Scene  A 24 x 18in
Forest Path A 24x18 Oil/canvas
Forest Pool A 18 34 x 22 12in
Fruit Vender A 24x20 in Oil/canvas
Going to Market A
Land's End A 15.5 x 19in
Mt Moran A 1920
Portrait of a Man A 17.5 x 14
The Prospector's Cabin A 30H x 24W
Retreating Snows A - 2004 Bonhams & Butterfields 18 1/4 x 14 1/4 inches Oil/canvas LL
San Pedro Coast Line A 61.0x76.2 Oil/canvas
Spring in Carbon Canyon A 20.3x25.4 1941 Oil/canvas/board
Springtime on desert
Sunset Laguna Seascape A 50.8x71.1 Oil/canvas
Tahquiz Canyon, Palm Springs CA A - 2006 Doyle New York 11"x13.75" Watercolor LR
The Fruit Vendor A - 2003 John Moran Auctioneers 24"x20" Oil/canvas LR
Verbena Desert A 24 x 30 in
Western Landscape
Winter stream A 40.5x51 Oil/canvas